Why disaster prep?

So…  The question is why another disaster prep blog?

Well, in my experience and research, there are not that many that are up to date.  The topic seems to have become a back burner subject and now that we have passed many of the big events that really triggered the whole disaster preparation ‘phase’ in everyone’s minds, we have decided to collectively not bother.  Or so it would seem.  There are a a hand full of blogs that pop up in a Google search in the genre, but many of them have fallen off or are no longer up to date.  It’s understandable as it isn’t necessarily a ‘sexy’ subject to continue to reference, but that shouldn’t down play the importance of being prepared in even the most basic ways.

So how is this blog going to work?  Well, starting off, I will be focusing on the current game that is being played from our local CRESA (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency) which handles both our 911 system but also the city and county disaster headquarters for Vancouver and greater Clark County Washington (including several local cities and communities) as well as collaborating with the city of Portland, Oregon and other communities local to Portland.  Every year for the past several years the Emergency Management team has set up 30 days of questions or projects with the idea of helping you to do even a few things prep related to support September’s Emergency Preparedness month.  This year is no different so I will be working each days questions, project or activity in the 30Days30Ways tab.

Once that is done I intend on focusing on events that occur in the news and around the world.  Also intend on working some smaller projects that I started a few years ago but have put on the shelf for a term (you know how life tends to get in the way of things sometimes…)

Let’s see what we can figure out as a community that needs to be prepared just in case…

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